Auxilia vor Basilika C

UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Trier

Visit to one or more World Heritage Sites in Trier: Amphitheatre, Constantine’s Basilica, Imperial Bath, Viehmarkt-Baths, Roman Bridge, Igel Monument etc. and/or Archaeological Museum

There are 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the city centre of Trier, among them of course, the landmark of town, Porta Nigra.

Entering the building you will experience a completely new viewpoint over the city centre.

At the other end of town, the Amphitheatre awaits you below vineyards.

Not far away, you will find the Imperial Bath with its major attraction, the preserved underground sewage system.

Learn all about the Roman heating system under Constantine’s Basilica.

The excavations of the Viehmarktthermen, covered today by a cubic glass-house, situated then next to the Roman Main Street Cardo Maximus, still puzzle us with more questions than answers.

The Roman Bridge however, is without any doubt the link between the Eifel mountains and the Hunsrück mountains ever since it has been built here around 150 A.D. Close by are the Barbarathermen, now open again to the public.

You will find the Cathedral standing in harmony next to Our Lady’s Church, as both of them go back to the same forerunner, Germany’s oldest Episcopal seat of the 4th century.

In addition to the monuments, you should pay a visit to the Archaeological Museum of Trier containing famous findings.

It will be our pleasure to take you to monument no. 9, Igeler Säule, 9 km west of Trier. Goethe had a copy of it as a paper weight on his desk in Weimar (excursion).