Nancy Stanislas Oper

Exploring the Great Region

Day tours starting from Trier for example via Schengen to Metz, up to the Verdun battlefields of WW I

The ultimate tour to explore the 4-country-area of Germany, Luxemburg, Lorraine, East-Belgium and beyond in all its shades. We herewith give you suggestions of the most beautiful destinations. All you have to do is choose.

  • In Germany, the Roman World Heritage Sites of Trier are a must.
  • On your way to Saarland, enjoy a stop with a stroll through Saarburg and its roaring waterfall, driving old mills. After having climbed to the castle, you can mail a direct letter to Melusina
  • Travelling along river Saar, we will reach Mettlach, famous for its china factory. From here the twisting Saar oxbow is not far.
  • In Saarbrücken you must walk the triangle of the Stengel-Mile, admiring its magnificent buildings of the 18th
  • In the secret capital of the Saarland, Saarlouis, the pubs of the longest bar of the state and much more are waiting for you.
  • Via Grevenmacher and Remich along the Moselle, we will arrive at Schengen in Luxemburg, famous for the Schengen Treaty, signed here on a ship in 1985. Have a stop at the EU Information Centre, where you can sniff at the herbs in the „Garden without borders“, one out of many in the region.
  • The biggest and oldest city of the region is Metz in Lorraine. Don’t miss to see the cathedral and Museum Cour d’Or close by. Staying overnight in summer, you will be thrilled by the inside-out illumination of monuments at night in this „Ville Lumière“.
  • Many areas with limy soil turn into flower carpets from April to June, due to the orchids growing here.
  • Many more attractions want to be discovered by you: fairytale castle Malbrouck dating from the 15th century, Fort Hackenberg and other testimonies of WW I and WW II, Amneville zoo, and it is definitely worth having a glance not only to the battlefields, but to the charming town of Verdun upon the Meuse river, too.