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Domuhr C
Dreikönigenhaus 14
Simeonstr. 8d
Jakobspilger 3
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Sancta Treveris

Trier in the Middle Ages

The Middle Ages were not only dark. For a long time after antiquity, Trier continued to be a radiating and attractive town, thanks to a couple of famous relics.

Our path leads us through the historical center, passing churches, convents and monasteries. We discover the Jewish ghetto with its buildings of the 14th century. On the Central Market Square we come to comprehend the long struggle for power between archbishop and citizens.

Searching for evidence of guilds and merchants, we will find proof of well-fortified tower buildings and hospices. Our tour reaches the old crane above the Moselle river. Here we will find ourselves right on the Cammino of Saint James, of which Trier was an important stop.

This tour can perfectly be combined with the city museum Simeonstift and/or the Treasure Room of the Municipal Archives Weberbach.