Tempel I,II, Säule
Gruttenhäuschen 3
014 Jouy les Arches 6
Auxilia vor Basilika C
144c Augst Theater Sitzreihen
Brauneberg Kelter oben quer
Buchsbaum Pyramiden
Calmonthöhenweg 26 Fanum 1
Mauerwerk Putz rosa
Tempel I hinten

The Roman Road: “Roman Jewels“ along the Moselle River

Full and half day tours to Roman sites along the Upper or Central Moselle

Table of suggestions from/to Trier

A. Upper Moselle
A.1. Living like a Roman half day tour Eifel mountains + Luxemburg
Leaving Trier, we first visit the little town of Bitburg, where you can still recognize the Roman camp in its shape and size by its vestiges. From here it isn’t far to the Villa urbana in Otrang with original mosaic floors in situ. We have the possibility of enjoying a glass of MULSUM or other Roman snacks. Continue to Echternach (Luxemburg), where we learn a lot about life in Gaul in Roman times, including music, in the Villa urbana and its Museum.
Upon request: Roman quarry Pützlöcher, Roman Langmauer
Back to Trier or extension to a full day tour.
A.2. Temples & Theatres half day tour or extension of A.1 Moselle Germany D + Luxemburg
In Bollendorf upon the German bank of the picturesque Sauer river, the Villa rustica enables us to understand the development of Roman architecture in Gaul. Another spectacular excavation is the theatre outside the Vicus (Roman settlement) of Dahlheim in Luxemburg. Back either via the temple district of Tawern on the right river bank of the Moselle, or via Igel on the left river bank with its famous tomb pillar and the Gruttenhäuschen (tomb in the vineyards).
A.3. Divine villas half day tour Upper Moselle
Leaving Trier we proceed on the right river bank of the Moselle to the temple district of Tawern, in the middle of the green forest. Then we continue to visit the luxurious mosaics of villa Nennig, followed by a tour through the reconstructed Villa Borg, a manor house of a Roman big land owner. Here you have the opportunity of having a Roman lunch in the villa’s tavern.
Back to Trier or extension to a full day tour.
A.4. Romans in Luxemburg full day tour or extension of A.2 Moselle & Sauer River
We cross the Moselle into Luxemburg and visit the excavations of Dahlheim: vicus and theatre. After this, we admire the luxury in the villa of Echternach. Via Bollendorf and its early Villa rustica we return to Trier having a stop at Igel for explanations of the Igeler Säule (Roman tomb pillar) and Gruttenhäuschen (Roman family tomb) in the vineyards.
B. Central & Upper Moselle
B.1. “Vinum et cetera” half day tour left & right river banks of the Central Moselle
Leaving Trier we proceed fast to the Villa rustica in Mehring (upon request drinks in front of an antique scenery) with a visit to the local museum, if requested. Our next highlight is Neumagen, a Roman port, where the famous tomb monuments of the Trier museum were excavated. They depict daily life of the inhabitants almost 2.000 years ago. You might now be interested in visiting the biggest Roman grape crushing plant north of the Alps at Piesport. Here a net cup made of glass was found in a sarcophague. Alternatively: Roman crushing plant of Brauneberg.
Upon request: Roman feeder line at Pölich
Back to Trier or extension to a full day tour.
B.2. “Via Ausonia” half day tour or extension of B.1 Moselle & Hunsrück mountains
Possibility of having a Roman lunch (Brauneberg, Ediger-Eller or another village near by), after which you will see the luxury of Roman baths in Veldenz. You can discover numerous findings of the former Vicus Belginum along the Roman road Via Ausonia in a gorgeous presentation of the museum before returning to Trier.
C. Ober-, Mittel- und Untermosel
C.1. “Mosella” full day tour Trier – Coblenz the whole German Moselle
Our first destination after Trier is the Villa rustica at Mehring, then Neumagen and the Roman wine crushing plant of Piesport or Brauneberg (B.1). We suggest to have a Roman lunch in one of the villages close by.
Continue along the Moselle up to Nehren, where we would hike you to the top of the vineyards in order to enjoy the view and see two little Roman family tombs (upon request wine tasting in Ediger-Eller). Via Pommern/Karden and its exhibitions of the excavations of the antique sanctuary on top of the Martberg plateau, we proceed to Coblenz-Ehrenbreitstein, with its important archaeological museum.
Alternative for the afternoon: Veldenz instead of Nehren or other sites.